Silky Iridescent Wrap Stole Shawl For Weddings Bridal Bridemaids & Evening Wear, Elegant and Subtle Shimmery Sheer Scarf (with a very slight stiffness in the wrap to allow it to hold shape when wrapped around the body) to spruce up any outfit and give that ‘wow’ factor. If you want to cover up with an elegant Shawl/Scarf for that special occasion OR just want to add it to your outfit for that stylish look, then Ladies this is your perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. Luxury scarf to make you feel and look beautiful and elegant. Adding that final touch to your outfit. Size: 71 x 178 Cm / 28 x 70 Inches. Material: Hand Wash in Cold Water OR Dry Clean Only. We have tried our best to match the colours as in the photos, but the scarf gives light and dark subtle tones when daylight & indoor light catches it! It gives out a dimensional look due to the silky nature and fine shimmery thread woven into it. This Scarf is thin & semi translucent. Iridescence is an optical phenomenon of surfaces in which hue changes in correspondence with the angle from which a surface is viewed. Note : color and brightness may vary depends on different monitor settings or camera flash but the pictures are from original stock and we tried our best to bring out the exact color.